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Where can I find some details on Solidworks API Functions, Names and Options/Switches?

Question asked by Patrick Malone on Nov 20, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2015 by John Alexander

Is there a reference somewhere that goes into detail for all the functions (I hope that is what they are called)

and their associated values and variables?

I have found there are multiple functions for adding rows to a table.

I'm wanting to learn and hope there are references available.


I would love to see some exhaustive explanation for items such as these:


myTable.InsertRow(X, i1)


myTable.InsertRow(swTableItemInsertPosition_Before, i1)


mytable.insertRow(swTableItemInsertPosition_Before, referencedIndex)









Even when I Google them I only find code where they are used and not any reference material

to help me understand what the options are for these functions.



Thanks in advance....