Jason Zimmerman

Printing PDM files stops

Discussion created by Jason Zimmerman on Oct 2, 2007
Latest reply on May 14, 2008 by Rodney Hall
I have just started using the task scheduler and am having trouble.I want to print all drawings in two sub-projects when I leave forthe day so they are waiting for me when I come in the next day. Iset up the task correctly, select the network printer, select boththe sub projects. I select the drawing files only. I schedule thetask for a few minuets ahead. I wait to make sure it works. Ontime, it creates all the sub tasks, (94 in all) and begins toprint. The first two print fine, the third does not and understatus says, "Failed to start macro". The next two printcorrectly, then the following one, the 6th task, comes with thesame status, "Failed to start macro". The 7th taskstarts, but then stops with the status at "In Progress"and stays that way with no change. Nothing else happens. Nothingelse prints. On the windows task bar at the bottom, the"SolidWorks Office Pro..." task box is blinking, (orange,blue). I select it, nothing, I go to something else it continues. The network printer is still online, no trouble there. I amlost, I think I have included all information. Any suggestions,answers?