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SW Costing for Assembly 2016

Question asked by Friyadi Hasiholan on Nov 19, 2015

Hello Everyone,


I use SW 2016 and interesting to the new capability for SW Costing especially in Assembly Costing, but I get confuse when I compare the price for every part in assembly costing template vs the price for every part in machining costing template. 

let say I have assembly "AB" so I do Costing in SW 2016 for assembly and SW do the costing for totally price for every part


Assembly Costing Template :

Calculated Part (2)

Part A                        : 53.63 USD

Part B                        : 53.63 USD

Setup Assy                : 0.20 USD

Custom Operation     : 8 USD

Estimated Cost Per Assembly : 115.46 USD


Machining Costing Template ( Part A)

Material Cost               : 5.23 USD

Manufacturing Cost     : 31.25 USD

Estimated Cost Per Part : 36.48 USD


Price for Part A in Assembly Template : 53.63 USD vs Price for Part A in Machining Template :36.48 USD

Please help me to solve this problem..