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CUSTOM PROPERTIES // carry over into windows?

Question asked by N. Ritchey on Nov 19, 2015
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i am in the process of setting up / revising the PDM, drawing & part template, and general archiving system at the small (three employees) design firm i work with.


part of this includes: creating unique part numbers (new for us), saving documents and files under their P/N, and adding custom properties to each template which carry over throughout the life of the document.


for the custom properties they are fairly basic, they include "PartNo", "ProductionRevision" (custom for use in drawings), "Author", etc. etc. one of the properties we need is the "Title" or "Part Description".


when i first set up the templates, i went with the custom property of "Title". this worked well until i realized that, when viewing the files in windows, the part numbers are clearly visible but the "Title" is hidden. you can add a column in windows detail view to display a column for "Title" but it does not correspond to the SolidWorks property "Title".


i thought i could fix this by switching this property from "Title" to "Description", and i did that, but it didn't work the way i had hoped.


BASICALLY i am looking for a custom property where i can enter a text string to define the part description. i want this property to also be visible in windows file explorer so that you can browse by part name, even though the file names are part numbers.


i would also like to be able to browse and search the PDM (as well as local files ideally) by part description. if we have a part titled "CHASSIS-DRAWER ASSEMBLY", i'd like to be able to search "chassis" and get results for any part with "chassis" in the title.


we have SW2014, non-enterprise PDM, and SolidWorks Explorer.


****as is my habit, i tend to write a long post asking a question and think about and try to figure out my question before i hit "send". so here now is the result of that internalizing:


SolidWorks Explorer (along with the embedded PDM client within the SW application) can be used to search for the documents by this property. it's just not as convenient as being able to browse them in windows, which is what i'd prefer. i still need to learn the ins-and-outs of SW explorer (SWEx) but i think it can be set up to do what we want. it is important to remember (it's important for ME to remember) that i am working with these temporary files locally; once we are active i will be working out of the PDM, and will not be relying on windows explorer to view or browse files...