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Grubby Finger marks !

Question asked by James Smith on Oct 2, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2008 by vineet kumar sharma
Hi all

Im fairly new to the wonders of photoworks, so you may have to bear with me

Ive got an electrical cabinet on a machine, which ive coloured a sort of light grey colour. There are no surface details added (such as cast, rough/smooth) etc as i thought this may have been causing the problem.

When i render the image, the control cabinet looks like some "maintenance fitter" with dirty hands has fixed the unit to the machine, cos it looks grubby.

Now seeing as im trying to promote a clean, un-used machine it aint looking too hot...

Any ideas ??!

I havent added/adjusted any lights and have the used the standard kitchen scene room cos i feel it looks a nice room and looks quite realisitc. Has anybody else got a good scene set up that helps enhance the realism of a product ? (and wishes to divulge the settings?)

Thanks all !!!!!