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Is it possible to add a pop-up (or other visual cue/warning) to a part?

Question asked by Eric Matlock on Nov 19, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2015 by Thomas Voetmann

So my question is:  Is it possible to add a pop-up warning to a part so that when someone opens it they would know that something is non-standard about the part? If not, is there some other way of indicating such in the part (as a giant obtrusive floating note or other cue?) 


The reason I ask is we have an old sheet metal part that we have been making for years.  I have modeled the part and can accurately represent the finished part.  However,  the angles in the model do not match the angles that production use.  I have worked around this by making the standard configuration with the angles that more visually represent the finished part angles, and the flat pattern configuration with the production angles .  I am now worried that down the road someone will question or get confused with the discrepancy between the two.


Any suggestions/tips/ideas would be greatly appreciated,