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    Can drawing centermark visibility follow feature suppression?

    Sarah Dwight

      So I have one part file where I was able to create a bunch of features which I suppress/unsuppress using my CP taskpane. In the related drawing the dimensions I added for each feature are only visible when that feature is unsuppressed. Otherwise they are hidden or not visible (I have no idea where they go). This is great.


      Now I have centermarks added for various holes that get suppressed/unsuppressed, but they don't hide/disappear. The centermarks end up dangling as do the dimensions using them.

      Is there a way to have the centermarks follow the feature suppression, like the dimensions?


      I now realize I have a similar problem with chamfer dimensions. I had to unsuppress each iteration of the part, add dimensions and save the drawing, over and over in order to get all the dimensions to hide/show appropriately. This only worked half the time with chamfers.

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          Kevin Chandler



          I'm thinking that there is not a way to do this (perhaps with some programming and maybe not even then).


          There's too much variation in the cleanup, like:


          What if the suppressed feature is aligned to another feature and they share connecting centerlines?

          SW would have to also hide that connector(s)?


          What if the suppressed hole was connected between two other holes?

          SW would have to know to remove the center mark and the two connection lines and then replace these with one connection line to fix the original alignment?


          What if a dimension referenced the center mark of a suppressed hole but there was an aligned hole beyond that needed that dim?

          SW would have to know to remove the center mark, the connection line and then associate the dim to the remaining hole's mark and maintain/fix the dim's text placement.


          I don't think center marks (and their connection lines) have enough inherent intelligence for this.


          Be nice if they did.






          (P.S.: It's getting to be that time of the year, maybe if you write a letter to SolidWorks Claus...;)