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Complex hole Pattern

Question asked by K. St on Nov 19, 2015
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How do i make a hole pattern when the asked position is almoste random?


Further explanation:

Currently im designing a bridge wich will have a railing on top of it. The Bridge has a curve. So the railing will have a curve aswell.

The stanchions (of the railing) have a random position (*Sigh* Architects).

The stanchions will be attached on top of the dek with 4 bolts and a plate (So i need 4 holes and 1 slotted hole for 1 stanchion)

In total there are 3 different type of ''hole sets'' (1set = 4 holes+ 1 slotted hole).


I have attached a few screenshots.


Does anyone know a fast option to to make sure all requested holes will be in the bridge? I do not want to draw 4 holes + 1 slotted hole for each stanchion seperatly. (there are 90 stanchions = 450 holes!!)


Thanks for any answers.