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epdm parallel transitions: user in multiple roles does NOT trigger write of value to all variables intended to be written to?

Question asked by Barry Cavanaugh on Nov 18, 2015
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for ePDM parallel transitions, I am not experiencing desired behavior from ePDM 2015 and I'd appreciate it if someone can set me straight


My problem is that I have trouble with two approver roles, one is called UNIT ENGINEER and the other is called THERMAL ANALYSIS.


One of the two roles has more than one member in the role, however for both roles, only a single approval is required.


The desire is that the name of the approver will be written to a variable for both cases (the Unit Engineer has a variable to be written to (not shown) and the thermal engineer has a variable shown below in the Transition Action dialogue picture called Change Thermal Analys)


What I am finding is that if the user Jane approves before user Barry tries to approve, BOTH roles are registered as being approved (this is desired behavior)  HOWEVER the approver name, Jane, is NOT being written to the "Change Thermal Analys" variable (the variable value remains blank). the value "Jane" is being written to for the variable intended to capture the Unit Engineer approver name. This end result is not as desired, due to the fact that the "Change Thermal Analys" variable is blank. It is good that the Unit engineer variable is being written to...


..yet...if the sequence is reversed and user Barry approves before Jane does, the name Barry IS written to the desired "Change Thermal Analys" variable (as desired). Also, when Jane then logs in to ePDM and approves, her approval for only the role of Unit Engineer is registered, her name is written to the desired UnitEngineerApproverName variable, and the transition fires (all as desired) seems as though ePDM doesn't like it if there is more than one approver designated for a role coupled with the requirement that only one of the designated role members need approve?


any thoughts are greatly appreciated.