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Hi, i am trying to get the heat transfer coefficient off nozzles.

Question asked by Per Mjörnstad on Nov 19, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2015 by Per Mjörnstad

We are going to konstrukt nozzels for drying.

We blows hot air to a wall,

How can a get the heat transfer coeffecient right ?

It seems that Solidworkt calculate the heat transfer coefficient from wall to air and not the opposit.


Some data are:



T=100 degrees

Tplate=24.6 degrees (konstant ?)

Plate dim. 300x106x2mm

Plate distance from nozzel 10mmNozzle.PNG

The test nozzel is 53mm with, 300mm length and the slot is 2mm

My result in solidworks get the heat transfer coefficient about 100  [W/m^2/K]

Teoretic:   coefficient about 300  [W/m^2/K]

And in labb  coefficient about 300  [W/m^2/K]




Hope you  can help me .