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CW2007 Drop Test - Computer Hard Disk

Discussion created by Test User on Oct 2, 2007
I'm working with "Drop Test - Computer Hard Disk "tutorial (CSOSMOSWorks 2007). I followed all steps to the letterand the results are exactly the same as shown in tutorial includingTime History Plot for von Mises stress at selected vertexes - onfinal step this plot is used to estimate maximum acceleration(~5081m/s^2). Then I tried to create Time History Plot forAcceleration and that's where I encountered very weird problem: theacceleration plot looks absolutely incorrect shape-wise (saw toothcurve instead of some kind of "bell-shaped" curve) andmagnitude-wise (the max value according to the plot reaches 4500000m/s^2 (!!!))
I would really appreciate any ideas/explanations/settings tocheck.
Thank you. (i've attached the image of acceleration plot)