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    Set expiration date for file

    Arto Kvick

      Can't find any "out-of-box" solutions for my problem. In EPDM, I would like to set expiration date for file(s) so that a set group(s) get notification on set time frame before expiration. Any ideas or better yet existing solutions to tackle my problem?


      Thank you in advance.


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          Jim Sculley

          If the expiration date is based on the time a file has been in a particular state, you can use Delayed In State Notifications.


          Jim S.

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            Derek Lawson



                 Jim's suggestion of using the delayed in state notification is the most out of the box option with Enterprise PDM that you will probably see. The problem with finding "expired files" is that you need some kind of action to read when the expiration is, such as a transition or a search. Unless you are okay with pushing files through a transition to look a the expiration date, the DIS notification is going to be the best bet out of EPDM by default.


                 However, EPDM does utilize MS SQL and SQL is controlling all of the variable information. With this being said, you could create a database mail account in SQL containing the email addresses of those whom you wish to notify. Then create an SQL query to look at the expiration date variable value on all of the files in EPDM, and if the date is older or equal to today's date, then SQL should send an email out to the database mail account. Finally you would create a new job to run every morning to run that query and see if anything has expired.


                 This method definitely requires the know how to work inside of SQL and put it all together, but it should work. It would be faster, less resource intensive and easier to maintain than a DIS notification. Let me know if this helps.


            Derek M. Lawson