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Design table did not work and I lost the whole thing.

Discussion created by Chris Pellegrino on Nov 18, 2015
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First off, I'm not new to design tables nor SolidWorks. Having said that, I have not created a design table in a few years. I just spent the time making one with 20 or 30 configurations (yes they were all named different, and yes I used legal naming conventions) and after closing to return to SolidWorks and have it create all the configs for me, it only created the first new one I entered. (And no I did not add nor alter any column headings, except for deleting the entire column for color that it added.) After returning to the design table, sure enough they are all gone except for the original and the new one. No errors or messages along the way as to WHY the rest were ignored. I am so frustrated with 2015 I feel we are due back part of our license fee for this version. Never, since 1997 when I started using it, has it been this bad.


Has anyone had it react like this and find out why?


Update - the one configuration it did decide to keep is not controlled by the design table.


Update - I can manually create a configuration and have it brought into the design table, but then it doesn't read the dimensions in right. Then it tells me one of the materials in the material column is invalid and therefore is exiting the design table without completing the model update. SolidWorks put that material there, not me - it's part of the Default configuration. I deleted the Default configuration. Now it tells me the other material which all three of my configuration use is invalid. This is absolutely ridiculous...


Update - deleted the material column and now it seems to be working. However, out of curiosity, I edited the design table NOT in a new window (I usually use a new window), but now cannot change anything (as in, it won't even enter what I'm typing.) Apparently only in a new window can I change things. Sigh.


OK - attaching file. I don't mind someone finding something stupid I did - I'd rather it be that so it starts working. Of course, you're not going to see everything else I typed in earlier that was lost. I am also going to reboot and see if that changes things.