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    Solidworks simulation ( define strain - stress curve) from nonlinear / increment load

    Muhammad Zahir

      For everbody, I  need help in solve to define strain-stress graph curve, where i set load max (example i set  200 lb) in cantiliver bar, and then i want to define value elongation, stress, and strain, in conditon when load zero to max ( increment load versus time).


      Like this picture, when i set load, i want get graph/curve in position yield point, ultimate point, and fracture point











      Same like in picture above,like in table when i set load (increment load versus time) from zero to max (fracture point),i am just need value of elongation (length), stress, and strain.


      and then graph of increment of load  versus elongation.




      Thanks you very much for everbody want to help me.