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Question asked by Kevin Chisholm on Nov 18, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2015 by Kevin Chisholm
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Hi everyone,


First off, I am really new at making macro's so sorry for the beginner questions!

I've been reading plenty of macros that where already created but can't seem to make heads

or tails on which one to modify for our application.


We use parts with names like US-065000-00.SLDPRT (US-065000-00.SLDDRW) with mirror

parts that have a "M" that's added to the name: US-065000M-00.SLDPRT (US-065000M-00.SLDDRW)


We have a few in-house steps we also have to do before before creating a revision of a part.

Mostly clicking boxes that says a revision exist of a certain part.

I'm trying to write a Macro that will do these steps:


With US-065000.00.SLDPRT opened in solidworks, launch macro to open US-065000-00.SLDDRW

and US-065000M-00.SLDPRT if it exists with it's drawing US-065000M-00.SLDDRW.


Once all are openned, we would need to check this option in our custom properties for the .SLDPRT's:

Then save all 4 documents in this order US-065000M-01.SLDDRW, US-065000M-01.SLDPRT,US-065000-01.SLDDRW, US-065000-01.SLDPRT.

They would be saved in the same folder as the original file.


After that, I would change Revision box in Custom properties and set original part to US-065000-00.


I wish my colleagues would have started me off with an easier macro to write like opening a new document.


Any help will be greatly appreciated!! I'll continue searching to see if I can't figure this out!


Thank you for your time,

Kevin Chisholm