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Complex Pattern (cut extrude) - Failure

Question asked by Dan Wohlslagel on Nov 17, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by John Stoltzfus

I am attempting to cut /extrude a relatively intricate pattern ( right now it's a honeycomb pattern but could likely be a circular hole pattern) into a small part. In short- Solidworks is choking on it.


I have tried patterning both the sketch and the feature in order to expand the pattern. The extruded hole pattern needs to expand greatly in order to cover the entire part ( I can only show a portion of the part for NDA reasons). Nevertheless, what is shown is as far as it will go after about 3 hours of experimenting.



Note: I have been keeping an eye on the Windows resource monitor and rarely does it show above 15% usage on the available RAM- and rarely, if ever, pegs the CPU usage ( staying around 25%). Solidworks doesn't freeze or quit--  the operation just fails after about 45 minutes.


Is there a way to simplify the sketch geometry to greatly reduce the calculations needed? ( I have deleted the inscribed circles from the hexagons so far)
What is the most efficient way to execute this?


Thank you