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Update new global variables when equations linked to external text file

Question asked by Bryan Hellard on Nov 17, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2017 by Chris Shields

I've been linking multiple parts to an external txt file, and was curious if I could add new variables to it and have all the equations in the parts auto update.


I started by creating a blank part, and adding in all the dimensions that I wanted.  I then exported that sheet, and as I created new parts I always imported it so I could link everything to the same file.  Now, I can successfully update the values of the text file, and it will update all the parts.  What I want to do, is add a new global variable, and have it get added to all the parts  as well.  Is this possible?  If I create a new variable in the text document, I can go back to each part, and re-import the text file, and the new variable will appear.  Is there anyway to make it automatically import the file?