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Unable to layer bend lines when converting to DWG files

Question asked by Donald Simonovich on Nov 18, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by Dennis Bacon

Hello all,


I am having trouble keeping my bend lines when converting to DWG files. I use these DWG files for my plasma cutting software (Pronest 2012). Every time I import the DWG files into the Pronest software, it makes the bend lines a geometry line which makes the plasma cutter cut that line rather than score it. I know this has something to do with a layering problem but I tried various things with mapping and what not and came up with nothing. In the end, I want my geometry lines to be cut out and the bend lines to be score lines. I have spoken with Pronest and they are saying that it is a layering issue within Solidworks. When I do go to the mapping screen, the only layer that is present is the "0" layer. I am using SW 2015.


Thank you for your time and look forward to a resolution.