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Detailing a weldment - tangent edges?

Question asked by Whit Elliott on Nov 18, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2015 by Whit Elliott

When creating drawings of weldments made from square or rectangular tubing I have great difficulty selecting the edge of the tube in order to attach dimensions, no matter what selection filters I use I often have to zoom way in to the edge and even then have to click 4-5 times before SW finds the edge. Then zoom out then to the other end of the tube, and hope I get the second edge. What should take 5 minutes often takes 10-15 minutes with multiple mouse clicks. Even something as simple as the image below, this can take 10-15 clicks and multiple attempts. I had this problem several years ago when weldments first appeared, then it was somewhat better for a while, lately it's worse than ever.


I've found setting the drawing view to 'Wireframe' is somewhat easier, but still have far too many missed mouse clicks.