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Get Body instances of assembly document

Question asked by Alexandre Gragnano on Nov 18, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2015 by Alexandre Gragnano

Hi everyone,


I am trying to:

- Traverse feature tree of assembly document (supposed fully resolved)

- Find part components and analyse part document once if multiple instance

- Get body instance of the part and all corresponding bodies if multiple instance



- Assembly document

   - Part1 component <1>

       - Body1

       - Body2

       - Body3

   - Part2 component

       - Body4

       - Body5

   - Part1 component <2>

       - Body1

       - Body2

       - Body3


I need to get instances of Body2 in Part1 component <1> and Part1 component <2>.


How can I perform this last point?


Best regards,