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    Problem checking in an assembly with virtual parts

    Angela Crawford

      Most assemblies that have virtual parts check in just fine. However, I have one assembly that has virtual parts, and it will not allow me to check it in because it says the virtual parts are outside of PDM.  You can hover over them in the error message and it'll show that they are saved in my temp folder.  Usually, virtual parts show as being saved internal to the assembly.  I tried deleting the copy of the virtual part that is in the temp folder, but it recreates it every time I save. 


      Does anyone else have this problem?  Any suggestions?

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          Iftach Priel


          This may have to do with references set before the files were checked-in and made virtual.

          How about trying to save the files externally (right click on file name, "save part in external file") somewhere in the vault, and them making them virtual in the assembly again?

          If it works, and the assembly checks in, don't forget to delete the new external part files.

          Hope this helps...

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            Bruce Harter

            I too am having issues with virtual parts. All too often I go to check an assembly in, and get the message that these parts within the file that I wish to check in are "outside" SolidWorks. I wish the software programmers would address this issue as it slows down my workflow trying to find a resolution. Virtual parts are great and useful, but it seems that by virtue of the fact that they are contained within an assembly, they ought to be programmed in PDM to be given a pass for check-in.