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Cross referencing Enthalpy values between Solidworks and RefProp

Question asked by Ryan Leggett on Nov 17, 2015

I'm trying to back up some enthalpy calculations done in solidworks and I'm using a program called RefProp. I'm currently using air as a fluid, and when I put in the same Temperature and Pressure I get a different enthalpy number (see below). I think this has to do with Solidworks measuring the total enthalpy (which includes velocity and turbulent energy), but even when I take this into account the number is still different. I think this additional difference is due to the different reference state used by solidworks and refprop. There is a setting in RefProp for a new reference state, but none of the pre-defined ones work and I don't know which custom settings to use.


Does anybody else use this program and have you figured out which reference state to use to get the values to match up?