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    Google-like search

    Vidar Kvam

      How do I create a universal search in PDMWE? SolidWorks has told me to use search variable "History Text - Variable Value", but that does not seem to have any effect. It returns everything.

      I am surprised if noone has tried to do this before, because we all know how simple it is to search in Google or other engines. It ought to be just as simple in PDMWE, except we need to search through database records.
        • Google-like search
          Joy Garon

          Hi Vidar -


          Why are you not taking advantage of full-textsearch? Isn't that what you really want?

          Look in the Installation guide for informationon Configuring theIndex Service on the SQL Server System.





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              Vidar Kvam
              Hello Joy,

              Thanks for your reply. I am aware of the indexed search, but it seems odd to rely on that when you have an SQL Server. It is my understanding that indexing works on the vault's files, not the database.

              What we want is a lightning fast database search, independent of whether the actual files are indexed or not.
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                  Jeff Sweeney

                  The problem is the files themselves are not in SQL, just themeta data and pointers to the actual files. Unless it is in thedatacard, SQL has no knowledge of what data is actually in the fileitself.

                  An indexing search isn't terribly slow, I'd give it a try.