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Stand alone versus networked license installation help

Question asked by Mike Marcoux on Nov 17, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by Mike Marcoux

Before our IT department could roll out the license server update, we had two users which required access to SW2015 (SP3.0).  IT installed stand alone seats on their workstations, but the install was very unstable and would not run without crashing constantly.  As soon as they attempted to open or do anything within SW2015, it would just crash. 


Post license server update, IT rolled out a full install to all the CAD users as well as a re-install to the two aforementioned users.  SW2015 is now up and running just fine all CAD users laptops and workstations, but the instability issues still persist for these two users despite removing and reinstalling SW2015 on their laptops.  Everyone else is not having this issue, just these two particular users.  


Any idea what the root cause is, or what could've been changed during the stand alone install to cause this?  We've done everything short of rebuilding their profiles.  We've completely uninstalled and reinstalled SW several times to no avail.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.