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Trouble Assigning a shortcut key to a Macro SW2015

Question asked by Jim Horvath on Nov 17, 2015

While within a drawing file with Ordinate Dimensions, I'm trying to assign a single keystroke J to the Jog-Toggle macro I've found here: Ordinate Dimension Jog Command - Anywhere besides RMC?


I'd like the keystroke J to toggle an ordinate dimension between Jogged and Straight.


I'm able to define a toolbar button to this macro successfully, but I cannot seem to get any combination of shortcut key(s) to work with this macro.  Older versions of Solidworks used to have the Shortcut Key option built into the Macro Button option, but now the system wants you to assign the shortcut through Keyboard customization as shown in this image below.

i've also read that prior to SW2012, the macros that you wanted to have a shortcut key needed to within a Macros folder within the installation directory.  I'm on SW2015 64-bit and do not have access to my install directory to test that option... 


Anyone have any advice or can test this out on their end to see if SW2015 has a macro-shortcut key bug?