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(Example added) Is it possible to identify problematic assembly file using XML structure?

Question asked by Sameer Panse on Nov 17, 2015
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I have encountered some assembly files which are giving old references even after rename. The old references are given by components from configuration objects. But if I use "GetExternalFeatureReferences", it gives latest references.


e.g. If Assem1.sldasm has Part1.sldprt and Part2.sldprt as components and if references are renamed (programmatically or through Solidworks explorer),  then new structure would look like


- Part1_ren.sldprt

- Part2_ren.sldprt


Now if we try to retrieve references through configuration object (components inside configuration), then we still get old names i.e. Part1 and Part2.

But if we try to use "GetExternalFeatureReferences" irrespective of configuration, then we get new references "Part1_ren and Part2_ren.


Is it possible to identify such a problematic situation through XML stream? How is XML stream structured? Can I always get correct references using XML stream?


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