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    Move EPDM that is out of date

    christie reed

      We recently updated EPDM and solidworks to 2015. During the update we realized that there is a vault that was removed about a year ago. There are still files on that server that were never replicated. We connected the vault again but shortly realized that it needed to be upgraded. The Server was upgraded from Windows 2003 32bit to 2008 SP 32bit as 2008 R2 is 64bit only and there is no upgrade path and is not supported. Is there anyway to recover those files manually?


      Christie Buresh

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          Derek Lawson



               I suppose that my primary question is do you have the "removed" vault's database and archive files still? When you upgraded, did you also move the server? If you have the database and files, you can backup and restore the database on to the new server and copy the archive files, then upgrade it there.


          Does that help or am I missing something?


          Derek M. Lawson