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    BOM Categorizing

    Mohamed Zein

      Good morning


      Need your advice how to create BOM tables in a different templates so once inserting hardware BOM table all hardware only will be included and same for fabrication parts and accessories.


      What I am doing now is defining each components with a custom property "hardware, fabricated &accessories" and inserting all in the same BOM table then sorting using this property and splitting, I think another better way should be



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          John Stoltzfus

          I use 3 different bom's -


          What you can do is take your "Master BOM" and add or delete columns then save the BOM format, called Hardware, Fabricated or Accessories, etc.

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              Scott Harvey

              John, maybe stupid question but how then do you get just the hardware to propagate into the BOM?  I feel like I missed a new feature.  I am manually "excluding from bom" with different configurations.

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                  John Stoltzfus

                  I did forget to add in my other message - After you create new Custom Properties -


                  "Then - create a macro to pull only those components that have a certain Custom Properties"  In his case he would need three.


                  If you would like to compile it with a BOM then save as an excel file, then you could open and use excel to sort and save it as different documents, what I wouldn't like about that is there are no automatic updates..