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Does Including Annotations and Dimensions in Final Renderings SW 2016 Work?

Question asked by Stefan Ilea on Nov 17, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2015 by Rob Rodríguez

Has anyone gotten this new 2016 function to work correctly in a render? My SW 2016 just crashes.



Including Annotations and Dimensions in Final Renderings


You can include dimensions and annotations in a final PhotoView 360 rendering if they are currently visible in a part or assembly.

In relation to the image in the SOLIDWORKS graphics area, the final rendered dimensions and annotations:

  • Are proportionally the same.
  • Are in the same relative position.
  • Show the same text, symbols, and leaders.

To include annotations and dimensions in final renderings:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Click PhotoView 360 > Schedule Render.In the Schedule Render dialog box, select Render visible annotations and dimensions.To create an additional .png file that contains just the annotations and dimensions, select Save annotations to a separate image.
    • Click PhotoView 360 > Final Render.A dialog box appears with options for including dimensions and annotations.Select Include Dimensions and or Annotations in the final rendering to bypass the Final Render dialog box and immediately save the preview image using the Saving Image dialog box. Select Render without Dimensions and or Annotations to open the Final Render dialog box to make detailed adjustments to your render before saving the image. The dimensions and annotations visible in the graphics area are not rendered.
    If you choose to render dimensions and annotations, the Rendering Annotations progress bar reports that model information is being transferred to PhotoView 360.
  2. When the rendering is complete, click OK.The rendered image includes the dimensions and annotations.