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    Rotating wheel simulation - Non linear deformation of rubber

    Ivan Adamov

      Hi guys,


      I'm having a problem regarding simulation of wheel rotating and moving over the path with constant speed, let's say V=1m/s, and rim is transferring load to tire(and to path) which is 1470N. Of course, I'm stuck and just want to make sure if this kind of simulation is even possible in SOLIDWORKS. I need to see deformation of rubber tire made of SBR rubber. This non linear material is custom defined. I've checked Materiality web portal and it doesn't contain this data. Anyway, i packed model which is very simple, and two of my setups. SW version is 2014. I put my hopes for second setup to be the most correct, BUT it always ends with some kind of errors. Connection between rubber and rim is bonded, and connection between rubber and path is "No penetration" with "Surface to surface" option checked. What i need to see is tire deformation. I've searched web and haven't seen that anyone tried to do simulation when object is moving and rotating over the defined path.


      If anybody have any clue what is wrong here, or if is this even possible to simulate in SOLIDWORKS i would appreciate any help 


      Best regards,

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          Christopher Schaefer


          May I suggest you take only a slice of the wheel, use a rotational displacement of a planar face (such as the wheel and not the tire), and prescribe the displacement to be no more than 30 degrees?  You will also need an axis so that you can prescribe and measure more easily.

          I'd also recommend beginning with this problem as a 2D plane strain problem.

          As for your characterization of the material, if you expect very large displacements under minimal loads than you're best off using a hyperelastic material model.  However, you will need three input curves (stress-stretch).


          One particular challenge I see you needing to overcome is the applied load (1470N) remaining on the hub.


          Is the tire not pre-stressed on to the wheel?



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              Ivan Adamov

              Hi Chris and Adam,


              Thank you for respond.

              I tried a different variations of static non linear setup, even start with 2D plane in the begging, but left that idea when i realized that i have narrowed options regarding constraints.

              Secondly, i don't know how to set up rotational displacement. I understand that you meant to set some kind rotation to the wheel around the axis for an angle, but fail in doing this. I don't know how to set it up. I've gone thru all fixture options and read all help.

              Tire does not have influence on the wheel. They together are "bonded" and their rough weight on the path is 1470N. And I was expecting small deformations out of the tire, not large. I think that i will not engage in pursuing information for hyper elastic SBR material since this kind of simulation is hardly possible without heavy tuning.


              Regards guys

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              Adam Shinbrot

              I assume you are doing this as a dynamic analysis?