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Problem differentiating Angle 1 and Angle 2 from diferent weldments

Question asked by Salvador Suniaga on Nov 16, 2015

When I editing a Cut List, sometimes I have some weldments profiles that share the same lenght, material and, apparently, the same Angle 1 and Angle 2. But when I see them on a drawing table, ready to manufacture, some of this weldments are differents, but are grouped in the same category or part number. The reason of this is the way SolidWorks read the angles:


ángulos edited.png


As you can see, both parts A and B have the same lenght and angles in each end, but they are obviously different (different cut). SolidWorks measures the angles between the normal vector of the face and the longitudinal axis of the structural member.


Is there a way to change this angle measure, or at least differentiate one structural member fof another, in order to export them correctly to a Cut List?