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    Old revision datacard in file history

    Joe Shigenaga

      Hi everyone,


      I'm working on EPDM 2013.


      I would like to know if we can see old revision data card when looking at file history.


      When I go to a file history and view an old revision, in the view tab, there is "show data card" but when I click on it, it's blank.





      Does anyone know why ?





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          Charley Saint

          Hey Joe,


          TL;DR It's not supposed to, but maybe it should


          I've never tried that before today but it looks like it does the same thing in 2015 SP4. The reason appears to be that it's looking at a local file instead of a vaulted file. That's because whenever you "view" a previous version it actually copies that file to your temp directory with the version number appended to the name. So what's open in that view has no link to the actual vaulted file that you want to see the datacard for. Unfortunately that means you'll need to file an enhancement request to get it added, and the only workaround I can think of is to get the previous version of the file in the vault view and hope that you're running a version of EPDM that correctly displays previous variable values when you have an old version.