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Selecting Main Configuration vs. Derived Configuration

Question asked by Kevin Chisholm on Nov 16, 2015
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Hi everyone,

Not sure if this is even possible but thought I would ask before ruling it out!



I'm trying to make configurable cylinders vs stroke.

The Main configuration would be Stroke length and derived configurations would be

"Free", "In" and "Out" which would control the piston position.

(Don't really want to use flexible assemblies.)



I would like to select the main configuration when I insert a cylinder into an assembly

without the derived configurations showing.

Once the cylinder is in the assembly, all main configurations would be hidden and only the derived configurations

would be shown :


The main reason why we would like to do this is to prevent someone from accidentally changing stroke and ordering the wrong one.


Like I said, really not sure if this is even possible...

Thanks for you time,


Kevin Chisholm