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Part with curve path and different cross sections on both ends while keeping the cross-sectional area constant.

Question asked by H. Zeng on Nov 16, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2015 by H. Zeng

Hello everyone,


I am newbie trying to generate a part with a curve central line (path) but different shapes of the cross sections at both ends. I figure out that if I can assign proper guidelines then I can do a sweep to get this done. But the guidelines are not easy to draw, too.


So I post my question here. I wish somebody can show me how to do this step by step. Thanks very much in advance!


Description of the desired part:

  • The central line is a curve. It could be a spline.
  • The cross sections have a similar lenticular shape (two identical arcs combined together). And two typical shapes are given by the chord length a and the rise length h.
  • The path can be treated as three sections:
    • the first third of the part has a constant cross-sectional shape with a=0.8 and h=0.07
    • the middle section of the part has a gradual cross-section
    • the last third of the part has a constant cross-sectional shape with a=0.4 and h=0.13
  • The cross-sectional area need to be kept constant as possible.


I am really new to Solidworks. So step by step instruction is truly important for me to follow. But even some hints are helpful to me so I can try them one by one.


Best regards,