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    tables to excel

    Chris Scougall

      I am trying to export a table from solidworks into an excel spreadsheet. As far as I can tell the data in the table is just typed in text (it's not linked to anything in the drawing). However, when I right click on the table and select save-as, the formatting in excel changes some of the cell formatting to it's default (some of the cells now read as a date). is there a way to avoid this?

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          Gerasimos Landos

          Dear Chris ,

          Who said you that the data in the assembly's BOM table is not linked to informations that are in the parts or sub-assemblies.

          In a part or assembly click the tab configurations and then right click on the configuration that you want or the default if you have only one.In the configuration properties fill the field "Description" and check the box "Use in bill of materials". Everything that you have texted in this field will be transfered to the same field in the assembly's BOM.

          In the same tab you can see the "Bill of Materials Option".Click on the field and choose what of the 3 options you want to be seen in the BOM.You have also a "User specific name" that you can write a text of your own.So when you have made the Bill of Materials(BOM) of the assembly that you are working the informations will be in it.

          You can now export the table in an Excel sheet by right clicking the frame of the table and choosing "Save As" from the pop-up bar choose Excel.xls and type a name that you want to be saved.

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          Gerasimos Landos

          Thessaloniki , Greece

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            Jamil Snead

            Can you just open the cell formatting options in excel and change it back to "general" or something other than a date?