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I just want to salvage my macro code

Question asked by Dan Frey on Nov 13, 2015
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I created a macro to fill in a cut list property called "DETAIL NUMBER" automatically. It was mostly working as I wanted (needed some final tweaks, cleanup, etc.) then I closed (after saving!!) to come back and finish it later.


Now I've come back to edit it and SolidWorks won't let me. It says "A serious error occurred on open macro file. The system could be in an unstable state now."


I have done a little digging here and elsewhere and it appears that people have had success with opening and saving the macro in different versions of SW. However, I don't have any. I am running SW2015 SP4.


So I don't really have a question about API...I just want to salvage this macro that I put hours into writing. Can someone open it and save it for me and maybe send me the code as a text file? (attached here). Or is there anything else I can try?


Thanks in advance for any assistance.