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Text Editor box improvements

Question asked by Dan Grappe on Nov 13, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2015 by Chris Saller

Please Vote for Enhancement Request ER 1-8325057326


Hey ya'll, I am looking for some support in getting an upgrade done in Solidworks - if you work with Text a lot, you know how bad the Text Editor box is - its very small and cramped, you cant expand it, you cant even read the full name of fonts if its a long font name, you have to click dozens of fonts to get to find your font at times, and every time you want to see a different font size in the drawing you have to exit the box and then reopen it to change anything again.


This is a really big deal if you do text on 3d prints a lot, like I do.  If you have suggestions, also please respond to the official ER.


- Will


Text Editor: General Enhancements and Workflow Improvements


ER #: 1-8325057326
Explanation : General Areas of Text Editor Improvement:
1) minimum enhancement request: - making the Text Editor dialogue box a larger default size, both horizontally and vertically.
- making the Text Editor box be adjustable in size by the user.
- possibly making the sample text be the same as what the user is typing, not just a generic message of AaBbYyZz.  If
this is not possible, then maybe letting the user define the sample text separately would still be a nice improvement.


2) This would be AMAZING...
*** making the text font and size change in the drawing as you change it in the Text Editor***
currently to see a change in options a user must select the options they want and exit the editor, then open the Text Editor and try again.  This is a "blind" process in which there is significant trial and error with no feedback between attempts.... A possible intermediary would be to add a "text rebuild" button to the Text Editor box, so a user could set various options and then manually rebuild the text in the drawing, while the Text Editor box remains open.