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      • 75. Re: Edrawings 2016 vs. 2014
        James Pare


        I will say somethings are better, but some are just silly & then many didn't get fixed at all


        My early reviews:

        Performance seems to be better for large jobs

        The home command seems to work again, YEAH!

        HLR edges are now shown on a hidden object - this only took 2 years to fix


        You can rename mark-ups again - but here's a silly bug that just shows the testing is not up to par

        rename a mark-up using all caps - take a look at E,F,G - they actually don't go to CAPS

        EVEN using SHIFT you cannot capitalize these letters - except if it's the 1st letter


        Component tree still doesn't match the SWX tree


        Undo still doesn't undo a moved object


        Still not a normal view button, still can't hide annotations (sketches)


        Now the big one - edrawings with annotations / 3D views are still stupid slow to load


        Hey, I can actually say something was fixed this SP - not the most important thing but at least I can physically show some type of improvement
        maybe 2017 we will have a good solid product, not holding my breath though

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          Dan Miel

          We tested on a couple machines this morning and the speed seems to be a little better but it is still much slower than 2014 and is still unusable for our manufacturing floor. Opening a large file still allows us time to get a cup of coffee and relax (I guess that is one good benefit).

          Dan Miel.

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            Dan Miel

            I wanted to update this with input from other users.

            Other users are reporting that the speed is faster. I had tested edrawings on the machines that gave us the most problems and they are still slow. The users that reported better speeds are on normal laptops.

            Dan Miel

            SW 2014 SP03

            EPDM 2016 SP02

            • 78. Re: Edrawings 2016 vs. 2014
              Chin-loo Lama

              Hi Dan,

              That's great to hear that you are seeing the performance improvements. The eDrawings team has been working hard to address this issue. Would you mind sharing the specs on those still troubled machines? This will help us trouble shoot. Thanks!


              Also, not sure if this would help. I visited a customer in Sanger, CA in June where I saw a very clever setup on the shop floor where thin client machines were running eDrawings off of a powerful server elsewhere in the facility. The eDrawings were running at amazing speeds viewing large assemblies. It was at ADCO Manufacturing. Quite an impressive setup.

              • 79. Re: Edrawings 2016 vs. 2014
                James Pare


                I wish we could say the same here but performance improvements are very little

                Especially with annotations - the load time is still brutal


                Small improvements made but still a regression - there are still many things that work in 2014 that do not in 2014

                - order of component tree

                - hiding annotations (SWX skecthes)

                - view rotation on multi config jobs

                -using normal to view

                - measurement tool staying active

                -CAPS for mark-ups

                -Saving & loading mark-ups into updated designs crashes

                -Annotations not showing until woken up


                I have so many ideas for enhancements too, but the core program is still a work in progress

                • 80. Re: Edrawings 2016 vs. 2014
                  Dan Miel

                  Thanks for the message Chin-loo. I think the thin clients might be a good idea so we are starting to look into that. The machines that are slow are Intel Atoms CPU D525 @ 1.80ghz 1.79 GHZ with 4 gig of ram. They are small and never have been fast which is why we think the thin clients may be a good idea.


                  The documentation group is thankful for the added speed. They don't use all of the features that James's group does.  

                  Have a good day.

                  Dan Miel

                  • 81. Re: Edrawings 2016 vs. 2014
                    Marty Laury

                    Our manufacturing and quality departments use e-drawings to view solidworks drawings. It is very disturbing when various items from the symbols library do not show up on the drawing.  For example, Maximum Material Condition in Geometric Tolerances shows up as an empty circle, the M disappears.  We are counting on eDrawings to work properly.  This is costing us a lot of wasted time and the risk of bad parts getting through inspection.  Not a good bargain. Very unhappy here. We have tens of thousands of drawings here, not enough time to make a PDF of each one.

                    • 82. Re: Edrawings 2016 vs. 2014
                      Dan Miel


                      Have you filed an Enhancement request through the SolidWorks support page? This sounds like it would be a good enhancement to get this fixed.

                      Dan Miel.

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                        Marty Laury

                        This not exactly an "enhancement", it is just fixing something that used to work just fine.

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                          James Pare

                          What a joke - trying to get annotations fixed in edrawings

                          So this huge issue was identified back in MAY, with a formal SPR submitted

                          large designs with annotations take forever to load in edrawings


                          I was told SWX will see what they can do to fix this issue in possibly SP4 - 2016

                          Then i was told it's fixed in 2017 & they are trying to back fix it in 2016

                          So 2017 pre-release comes out & surprise surprise no fix in sight

                          So I inquire & what's going on?

                          Now they are saying it might be fixed in SP3 - April 2017

                          Are you kidding me!

                          Why am I paying for support again?

                          They build features that make designs unusable in edrawimgs & can't fix it for a year


                          How is this acceptable?

                          This would not fly in the real world I tell you, If I sold something to my customer & it doesn't work

                          I would not lead him along for 6 months then tell him maybe he will see a fix next year

                          • 85. Re: Edrawings 2016 vs. 2014
                            James Pare

                            So, here it is, my last rant on this topic until I can officially say it's fixed (2018?)


                            We have asked for years for a solution to edrawing marks up disappearing when you hide a part or rotate your view

                            I was told to try annotations because they will stay active

                            Well they do stay on the screen & you can do some pretty cool stuff. Yes there are a ton of bugs with them especially when you have multiple configurations. But the biggest issue is load time in edrawings goes from 2 minutes to possibly 10 to 20 minutes depending on your computer - no way this is acceptable.


                            So back in May this was identified with support, I was told they will look into it. Then I was told they think they have it fixed in 2017, now I am being told it will be fixed next year, maybe April? To be honest we are very disappointed to say the least


                            We have decided at this point that we can no longer proceed with doing some jobs with mark-ups & others with annotations when it’s feasible. This does not deliver a consistent quality project to our customer or our team members. Quality & consistency are a trade mark of what we do along with serving our customer needs

                            I wish & use to be able to say the same for SolidWorks


                            We are reluctantly taking a step backwards in our design technology & presentation of our product.

                            Considering the edrawing issues have now been dragged out for almost 2 years (Since 2015 was released) we find this unacceptable & has damaged our belief & trust in the product & support. Possibly having a fix 6 months from now is second-rate & doesn’t seem to be too high on their to do lost


                            Sorry for the negativity but enough is enough

                            The software is now making me look foolish when I tell our team we will have this fixed & everyone laughs at me

                            • 86. Re: Edrawings 2016 vs. 2014
                              Andy Sanders

                              I sympathize with you.


                              Since 2015 edrawings was released, it's been a time bomb every time I open it for crashing.

                              2016 was somewhat better, and 2017 beta a tiny bit more.


                              But it will still crash on me 75% or more of the time when I use it.


                              It crashes much more on me than SW does, if that tells you anything.

                              • 87. Re: Edrawings 2016 vs. 2014
                                James Pare

                                Finally got around to installing SP1 of SWX this morning

                                I must admit my disappointment continues with edrawings


                                How can we still not have the correct order in the component tree?

                                This is getting a little ridiculous now, how does this continue

                                I have been asking to get this fixed for (2) years now


                                Finally we have the “normal to” button back, but it doesn’t even work

                                Are you kidding me, what a joke


                                Things are half fixed again,

                                If this was my product I would take a little more pride in it & this wouldn’t fly

                                Who’s testing this stuff?


                                Still waiting for some type of fix for "the edrawing killer" - Annotations


                                How is this acceptable?


                                • 88. Re: Edrawings 2016 vs. 2014
                                  James Pare

                                  Nothing like breaking something we just got fixed

                                  3D view are broken again

                                  Once again annotations are not showing the text again, this was just fixed

                                  AND NOW IT'S BROKEN AGAIN!!!!!!!


                                  Is this software tested with a tiny model with (3) parts

                                  Where is the Quality control on this product?


                                  How does it get this far? We are now looking at 2015,2016 & 2017

                                  (3) years of software that still isn't working properly

                                  • 89. Re: Edrawings 2016 vs. 2014
                                    James Pare

                                    Maybe 2018 they will finally get edrawings right????


                                    C'mon people, we need to voice our displeasure & make sure they know this is not acceptable!

                                    We pay good money for this software & the maintenance fees are not cheap


                                    Are you getting your money's worth from the SP's?

                                    I am having a hard time justifying it here

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