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Edrawings 2016 vs. 2014

Question asked by James Pare on Nov 13, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2018 by Marty Laury

I am trying to put a list together for items that still need to be addressed in edrawings

2015 was a dramatic let down, It was so bad that we pulled back fro upgrading our SWX

We use edrawings ALOT & need to it perform, I can't let this happen again for 2016


So my plan is together a list & push really really really hard to get this addressed ASAP!


Please add on or chime in on any issue:


Here's mine:


- Performance, performance, performance - 2015 was no where close to 2014, with 2016 I am seeing some better results but I think it can still be better



- In 2014 I can select an item & change it to see through & maintain my mark-ups, this function has been lost

- In 2014 the mark-ups is a side bar where 2016 its a pop-up where the mark ups can be block or not  visible because of the pop-up window

This should be for all the tabs that can open - they should fit to the entire window (top) & shrink the graphics area to work properly

- I have seen occurrences where the mark-ups are not sorted in the correct order as done in 2016

-When creating mark-ups there is no option for text control when working in the text box

Wish list: If I could re-order my mark-ups that would be huge!

Spell check would be nice too


Tabs / Configurations:

In 2014 the tabs & configurations were front & centre now in 2016 they are hidden in a pop-up window

I have also see configurations not in the proper order in 2016

Wish list: The image preview for the configuration should not show the colour background from SWX


Undo function is great in 2016!!!!!

Bug: Can't undo a show all action

Undo is buried in the file menu, maybe a button


Functions lost:

I can't hide annotations (sketched in 2016)

The view normal too is now hidden in the section view command


Interface still seems buggy, I have issues when I minimize & try to re-open

Doesn't handle multi screens very well


Other bugs: If I use annotations they do not always show when selecting a 3D view (MBD) add on

I am also concerned that I only get the 3D view option for edrawings if I have a seat of MBD?


HLR edges once again are disappearing after you hide & show a part


Split window functionality aka tile windows


Click on tab & have a file open or "+" button to open a new tab


Everyone please add on & don't be afraid to voice issues!