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    Simulation error

    Nilanga Gamage



      I'm using SolidWorks 2011 for about 5 years now. For the last few month, I'm getting this error " This part was analysed in an earlier version. All results and plots are available. Please remesh if you wish to run analysts". When I remesh and try it few times, it runs, but it keeps coming again and again.


      Our local agent told me that this is a bug in SolidWorks 2011 and has been fixed in the later versions. I wonder why this problem suddenly occurred and did not face this for the first 4 or so years I used the software. We have bought SolidWorks up to version 2015, however, I cannot go for that as we are still using 2011 EPDM version.


      Moreover, this issue only occurs in my computer and all other users (All are using 2011 with same PC) do not get this issue. Below is the screenshot of the error



      If someone can tell me a solution, that would be a great help.




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          Michael Nicholson

          have the same problem, I had it on S.W 2015 and still have it in 2016 (through all service packs up to SP 5.0). It is just pure frustration.

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            Siavash Khajehhasani


            “This issue has been known to appear in system environments where the model files are located on a network drive along with the result folder for the Simulation study. Another possibility is that the length of the path to the SOLIDWORKS Simulation results folder is very long or perhaps contains non-English characters. Please try the following steps:

            1) Move model files to local hard drive, for instance C:\Models
            2) Launch SOLIDWORKS and make sure only Simulation add-in is enabled (nothing else)
            3) Change the result folder in study properties to a subfolder within the folder where model files are on local hard drive, for instance C:\Models\Results - say NO if asked whether you want to copy result files
            4) Delete any existing CWR files in the new result folder (there shouldn't be any unless you clicked YES to a question about copying result files during step 3)
            5) Try meshing and running

            If the above steps do not help, try the following:

            6) With SOLIDWORKS closed, rename HKCU\Software\SRAC and HKCU\Software\SolidWorks
            7) Perform System Maintenance using the Rx tool. Make sure the "Clean the Windows temp directory" option is enabled”


            Ref: S-057260

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              Seçkin Uslu

              I think it will happen in 2017.


              There must be an option Load simulation results.


              Last two years, i created enhancements request for load simulation results like flow simulation.


              Sometimes it happens.