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    Tangency vs Equal Curvature

      I have been having issues creating two point splines between aseries of offset surfaces - complex blends using 3Dsketches. When constraining the splines I have noticed thatsometimes I get a tangency constraint and sometimes I get an equalcurvature constraint or both. Can anyone tell me what Solidworksrequires to obtain an equal curvature constraint vs just a tangencyconstraint. Thanks in advance to anyone that can solve thisproblem.
        • Tangency vs Equal Curvature
          Matt Lombard
          If you ask it to make an Equal Curvature relation, it adds an Equal Curvature and a Tangent.

          If you ask for Tangent, you get only Tangent.

          There are times when Equal Curvature gives bad results, but in those cases it should just give bad results, not eliminate the Equal Curvature. The only problem I can think of would be if the end condition creates a self intersecting spline, which is difficult to do in 3D.

          Are you seeing something else? Do you have a sample file or a set of steps?
          • Tangency vs Equal Curvature
            Gary Gilmartin

            To get tangency, control select the spline and the surface.

            For Equal Curvature, control select the spline, the surface and the edge of the surface.

            Good Luck