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cannot knit sheets together 4 fold model

Question asked by Bram Houtmortels on Nov 11, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by Bram Houtmortels

hello everyone


I am currently trying to create a mold for my school project.

The model that I am trying to create is a 4 fold model with sprue.

A single product works just fine, but i am trying to create a mold for the 4 fold model with a sprue

Because it has a draft it is difficult to create separete coins and sprue into a mold.

Our assingment is to produce this mold., therefore i need this model.


the parting line function works fine. But when I am trying the parting surface function, SW does not allow me to create a surface big enough to draw a mold that is big enoegh for the tooling split function. when i enter 6 mm or more the surfaces have a strange shape which don't cover the complete product.

Therefore i have created a planer surface to replace the parting surface. This planer surface is also recognised in the function tooling split as parting surface. But stil when I click the green tick it shown "cannot knit sheets together".


the measurements of the final mold have to be 199.90 mm by 139.90 mm.


Does someone know a solution to this, it would realy help me!


thanks in advance