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SW 2015 SP4 crashing on startup after windows update (11/11/2015)

Question asked by Ali Aslam on Nov 11, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2015 by Ali Aslam

Hello all,


Arrived at work this morning to find that a fresh set of windows updates had been installed.  When I went to boot up SW 2015 SP4, it crashed after/near the end of the splash screen.  Repeated attempts to start SW results in crashing.


I ended up rolling back to a system restore point before the updates, which temporarily solves the issue.  My system specs are below:

SW 2015, SP4

Computer = Dell Precision M4600

Graphics Card = NVIDIA Quadro 1000M

Oper. System = Windows 7, 64-bit


Just curious if any other users have been having issues after this round of windows updates (11/15)?