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    EPDM and access from PC without EPDM

    Manos Saitakis



      we have a network of 8 computers (one of them is a Mac PC), and in 3 computers is EPDM installed.

      The user in the MAC has the privilege to the computer that EPDM Server is installed, because of some other files that is responsible to handle.

      We noticed that he can navigate through the file explorer ("Finder") to the EPDM folder path freely, and have full access.

      Is there any way to block other computers, that should not have accesss to EPDM, from entering in the EPDM folders though a simple file explorer?


      Thank you in advance.

      Best regards.

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          Charley Saint

          Hey Manos,


          Noone should be able to access the archive files directly, I'm hoping you mean you have a vault view on the server that he can browse to. That's not a very elegant solution though since he'll only have access to what's cached on that machine and have no means of getting latest on anything. It would be best to install Web 2.0 (ask your VAR if you're on EPDM 2014SP4 or later), or if they need access to files created by a task like pdf's and step's then you can tell that task to put a copy on a network drive as well that they can use.