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Why has buying a much better graphics card not reduced "Generating Graphics" delays?

Question asked by Jon Kennedy on Nov 11, 2015
Latest reply on May 3, 2016 by Alin Vargatu

I have a fairly complex multi-body base part with quite a lot of fillets and curved geometry. When  I edit a feature there is a long delay after the edit feature property manager is shown (up to 30 seconds) during which the model is frozen and the lower message bar says "Generating Graphics". This is not a rebuilding delay since it happens even if I have the model frozen up to the previous feature. Given that I get this 30s delay for every feature edit it was really adding up so I thought I would throw some money at the problem and upgrade from a NVIDIA Quadro K2000 to a M4000. It didn't have any effect! The generating graphics delays are still just as long!


Does anyone else have any experience of this?

Has anyone found that "Generating Graphics" delays have reduce when upgrading a to a better graphics card?

I'm wondering if there is a setting either in SW or in the graphics card driver / software that is wrong in my system.


I guess at some point the curved SW geometry has to be triangulated so it can be displayed by the graphics card. I had imagined that the GPU would do this triangulation and a brief google suggests that this is a task that GPUs can do. So it would appear that (on my system at least) SW is using CPU for these "generating graphics" tasks.


It's too late on in this project to restructure into separate parts and Insert > Part. But equally it doesn't feel like this model should be complicated enough to warrant that type of planning / action. I've got a high spec CPU up at 4Ghz and actual rebuild times are OK. Just these graphics related delays. Is it just the case that SW doesn't utilise GPU very much?


Would be very interested in anyone's thoughts on this...