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Ambient Occlusion, alpha layers, and backgrounds disappearing

Question asked by Derek Roberts on Nov 10, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by Rob Rodríguez

Hi everyone.


When I try doing a final render in PV360, if the Output Ambient Occlusion box is checked (in the Photoview Options) then I get a final render with no background (or sometimes, a single solid color). When I bring this into, say, GIMP, it shows that the layers are RGB and alpha. On some occasions, there's no background at all (ie. it's transparent) and sometimes if it's all one color, it takes up the entire channel for that color (like, with red for example).


This usually happens when I'm exporting as a TIF or something similar, but I can show it happens with a lot of different file types. Thing is, I really want to use Ambient Occlusion, because I think it adds a nice effect to the final render. Is there something I'm missing? Something I can fix? Thanks for your insight!