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Is is possible to partially dissolve a pattern of parts in an assembly?

Question asked by Tim Rosenberger on Nov 11, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2015 by Scott Harvey

I have a situation where I have some parts in an assembly that I could originally position through patterning, and I did so.  I then created some complex FEA boundary conditions based on those parts.


I have copied and modified the assembly and some of the parts, so that some of those parts I patterned are no longer in the correct location, and I can’t set the location using the pattern.


See the washers on the lower side of the red plate on the right - they are patterned from the left, and are separated from the top by the thickness of the plate on the left, which is different than the red plate.


I don’t want to “exclude from pattern” and lose the FEA associations, but I’d rather not dissolve the whole pattern, because some of the parts are still correctly located by the pattern – I’d have to make mates for all those pieces, because they too have FEA association related to contact, mesh control, etc.


I could of course just do the latter, but it would be far more elegant if I could just dissassociate the affected parts from the pattern and move them (with mates) to their new positions.




Need further clarification?