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Reference Handling Different in EPDM 2016

Question asked by Jim Sculley on Nov 10, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2015 by Jim Sculley

I have been testing SW/EPDM 2016 and have discovered a strange difference in the reference handling compared to previous SW/EPDM versions.  I have a part model and an associated drawing in a folder in the vault.  I copy the model and drawing files to another folder and check the files in.  If I then open the drawing in SolidWorks and use File...Find References to view the references, the drawing is pointing at the original part file, not the copy:


. However, the EPDM contains tab for the drawing says the drawing is pointing at the copy:



SW/EPDM 2015 do not behave this way.  Both show the drawing pointing at the copy:



What gives?  Did I miss a setting somewhere?  I've performed this operation hundreds and hundreds of times in 2015 with no problems.


Jim S.