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    Trimming surface fails "Cannot trim due to error on target body", but cannot find error

    Scott Boerman

      Hi all,

      Working on making a mold to a supplied part design, I have created a parting surface (SurfaceKnit26) and am attempting to mutually trim it to the cavity surface (PartingLine1[3]).  The trim fails with the message "cannot trim due to error on target body".  I have rebuilt the model with verification turned on, with no errors resulting.

      I have tried trimming standard (not mutual) and find that SurfaceKnit26 can be trimmed by the other surface, but not vice versa. 

      Also I thought that perhaps the one surface having been created from the mold parting function might prevent it from being modified, so I made a copy of the PartingLine1[3] to work with but the same failure occurred with the copy.


      The zipped file is too large to share as an attachment on the forum, so it's in a shared dropbox folder here:  Dropbox - Temp Share Folder Solidworks


      Any suggestions or advice are welcome, thank you in advance for the help.