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Trimming surface fails "Cannot trim due to error on target body", but cannot find error

Question asked by Scott Boerman on Nov 10, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2015 by Scott Boerman

Hi all,

Working on making a mold to a supplied part design, I have created a parting surface (SurfaceKnit26) and am attempting to mutually trim it to the cavity surface (PartingLine1[3]).  The trim fails with the message "cannot trim due to error on target body".  I have rebuilt the model with verification turned on, with no errors resulting.

I have tried trimming standard (not mutual) and find that SurfaceKnit26 can be trimmed by the other surface, but not vice versa. 

Also I thought that perhaps the one surface having been created from the mold parting function might prevent it from being modified, so I made a copy of the PartingLine1[3] to work with but the same failure occurred with the copy.


The zipped file is too large to share as an attachment on the forum, so it's in a shared dropbox folder here:  Dropbox - Temp Share Folder Solidworks


Any suggestions or advice are welcome, thank you in advance for the help.