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    colors in 2016

    John Lhuillier

      Does any one know if SW is going to add some color & contrast back into the UI any time soon. We have one user here that tried it for a day & had such a headache from the eye strain trying to see the icons because of the lack of color & contrast that he refuses to use it & I can't blame him. Why they changed it to appease the few people that are color blind & left all of those that aren't to now be colorblind because of the lack of color & contrast.

      He's tried all 3 of the color settings for the UI background & those don't make it any easier. Why not have a user setting to toggle the colors & contrast back into the icons to make it easier on those that can't use the great monochrome colored background they've created.

      We've already informed our VAR that if there's no change in this that we will not be renewing our subscription & switching to another software package to do our design work. It does no good to have a software program that can't be used without risking the health of our employees.

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          Bob Van Dick

          Well said, I will second that motion.....

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            Richard Wagenaar

            Many users have commented on this problem while doing beta.

            We used to have user driven enhancements in the past.

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              Alin Vargatu

              Watch what Mr. Tom Spine, User Experience Design Director SOLIDWORKS R&D and the man responsible for this change, had to say about it:


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                John Lhuillier

                I can understand changing the way the icons are drawn to allow for the higher res monitors that are available but why change or use the colors that they've chosen just because 1 person said the greens & reds looked like puke brown. Why not have a user setting for those that view their puke brown icons to change them to the almost visible pale blue & nearly invisible light grey that they've switched to in 2016. Like I said above we have one user that won't use 2016 since it gives him a headache trying to read the text & figure out which are hiding & which are showing because of the lack of contrast. What's wrong with having the text for those features/parts that are visible a BOLD BLACK that stands out or even throw in some color on the part icon in the tree rather than have them the same color as the background. Yeah the slash across helps but still these icons would work better for everyone if they had some kind of color in them.

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                  Scott Lyon

                  I too will not renew if I have to live with crappy blue.

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                    John Lhuillier

                    This was from another thread that someone else posted


                    I too am less than enthusiastic about the new lack of color scheme. I contacted my reseller about it and they referred me to this SPR#


                    SPR 916882: "Provide ability to customize the color palette theme for button


                    If enough people go and vote for this, they will fix it maybe they'll fix it. Either that or inform your VAR that you wont renew unless they do fix it

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                      Harald Vogel

                      That guy in the prison jumpsuit compares the pleasantness of the new interface to that of an angry cat. To that I say:

                      Nailed it.


                      Also, he HAD to change to monochrome because apparently, he was unable to handle two colors in Illustrator


                      One point I rarely see discussed in this whole 2016-Interface shenanigan however is the ergonomic view. The colors in SW were not only for cuteness and design, they were also for grouping all those functions:

                      Yellow is Solids,

                      Orange is Surfaces,

                      Green shows what kind of new is happening,

                      Blue is Sketch mode.


                      So I can tell a cut function from a "build-up" function (sorry, second language) at first sight.

                      Also, I can tell if I accidentally opened the surface toolbar instead of the solid tb. One look at the model tree, and I can tell by the colors of the icons alone how a model was constructed, e.g. some orange in the middle and yellow at the end tells me someone used surfaces to get to a a solid. That's what I call a truly intuitive Interface.


                      Apparently, to the founders of SW, orientation was deemed necessary in what was otherwise going to be a very complex piece of software.


                      Well, all that is gone now. I have to actually "read" every single icon. Just like some old egyptian reading hieroglyphs at the temple wall


                      Of course, the new "colors", if any, are all trist and dull and depressing, the contrast gives me eye cancer, and in lack of lines to discern the editor from the buttons, one loses grip of the interface altogether. It's just messy. Just like the CorelDRAW X7 interface. Yeah, well. I hate that, too.


                      No other CAD vendor had this "color code" concept down so nicely and so consequently. SW was a program I used to educate the MCAD padawans. But of course, bigwig managers don't look at it that way. They only see that everything in 3DEXPERIENCE should look alike, something only they could ever possibly notice. Well, how about a command line version of SolidWorks, then? Let's get rid of that color nonsense altogether!


                      Or the managers could show some clemency and provide all of the old dinosaurs (like me) with a second set with the old design and the old icons. Like a "Solidworks Classic" theme. How about that, fellas?



                      (Textbook author, coach and instructor on SW, AutoCAD, 3dsmax, and some others for 20 years)

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                        S. Casale

                        I'm a big fan of the color change.Looks professional (IMO).


                        I think with all the whining going around people will eventually calm down. 13 years or so the colors were what they were. A little change is good.


                        The thing is, most of us work for a company to produce something, not play a game. So what the colors of the interface change a little. Possibly, the complaining is a direct reflection of some folks work ethic? I don't know.


                        Perhaps allowing for customization would be good, which Spine did address.


                        But a company that would leave a design software because of a few color changes must not really have a lot invested worth keeping.I assure the learning curve would be far cheaper than migrating to a new software.


                        No one is making companies upgrade.

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                          John Lhuillier

                          It's not because of a color change but when the user gets a headache from the eyestrain trying to use something that he's been using for over 15 years without getting a headache with the interface like it has been, then that's the problem. When you have to strain to see what's showing & what's hidden because of the lack of colors then that becomes a problem. What good does it do to your production if you have a headache from using the software that had a change to the interface then that becomes a problem & it's not because of his "work ethic" or playing games. The only thing that changed between 2016 & earlier versions are the icons & the lack of contrast  & color with them.

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                            Jeff Mirisola

                            It's amazing how many people are ready to throw the baby out with the bath water over this change. I thought the uproar in 2008 was bad...


                            I've used SolidWorks since '98 without being able to differentiate between the colors. I simply used the shapes to ascertain what I was looking at/for. Perhaps that's why this change really doesn't seem all that big of a deal to me. Regroup and move on.

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                              Mikael Martinsson


                              Good to know, I voted for this enhancement.


                              The "Solidworks - Where Is Waldo" version is a big mistake from the developers.

                              Clearly some "art director" found this steel blue interface to be "clean" and "modern", but for efficiency it is terrible.

                              Just finding hidden parts in an assembly tree takes a lot more time now than before.


                              Where is Waldo?


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                                S. Casale

                                The headaches are likely more a medical condition then that of an UI problem. Headaches are common with folks who have spent a considerable amount of time looking at a computer screen for many years. They make glasses specifically for that. Not the ones you buy at the dollar tree at your grocery store, but at the optician.


                                Work ethic, I have watched people at many companies complain just because they can. This just gives them a little fuel. If it were up to me, I would be clear, do your job or find another company who uses a different software.


                                Yes, SolidWorks is a tool, not a video game. At times the tool falters, but when the color changes it's not a fault. A majority of the buttons are in the same place from what I've seen, so the learning curve is thus that buying and migrating a new software would not be cost effective (all almost all cases).

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                                  Scott Lyon

                                  Work ethics? Really?? If I really gave a rat's behind what anyone else thought of me I would probably be offended by that. I work 2500~2600 hours a year and I still think the new UI stinks. I am thankful every day when my client invites me to return tomorrow so I can sell them the best I have to offer. If anything I would think the frustration with the lost productivity of the new UI is a reflection of a strong work ethic, not a weak one.


                                  I'm glad some others like it, or at least don't dislike it. I really am. All I'm saying is it would be real nice to have the option to remove all the color and use new unrecognizable icons if you want or keep the ones we have if desired.

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                                    John Lhuillier

                                    If you like the changes to the interface then that's fine. Some do & some don't.

                                    Yes Solidworks is a tool. When that tool now gives users headaches because of the eye strain that wasn't there in previous versions then it's not a users medical condition but a software issue. And if it's not going to keep us productive because of the interface changes then we have a right to complain because we can't do our job effectively. If that requires a different cad software then we're not afraid to change even with having 20+ years of legacy files.

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